The key element is the human touch; the sympathetic understanding that life frays nerves and leaves deferred decisions trailing in its wake. An Organizer’s clientele are often fragile and usually in a position of stress with impending home sales.

It’s my job to make things calm all the while achieving a world of change in the home to make it oh so much more viewable. Not an easy task when schedules are pressing. So an organizer is the essential human element that soothes, works hand in hand with the client, de-stresses and takes care of the methodical, exhausting, physical real world details.

You gotta know when a client has had enough. I find most days three hours is the gold standard before everyone is dribbling into a paper cup. So I send them off to regroup and come back when they’re ready. Meantime I keep at it – just me, a bag of almonds and a glass of water often for up to six hours at a time. I enter a kind of Tasmanian devil whirl that my clients have dubbed, “Steve Mode.” Realtors and clients who have brought me always say the same things at end of day – “I can’t believe how much we got done.”

It takes careful understanding of the human element, a great deal of humor, physical stamina, packing skills, moving skills, aesthetic skills to stage, motivational skills to give people a reasons to change beyond house presentation, connections to donate vast amounts of stuff and others services that make me look as good as I make the services that bring me in.

You have to see through their eyes to know what items are treasures and what items are so much a part of their lives they say things like, “If I get rid of this there will nothing left of me.” You can’t help be touched by the things people say – about their stuff, their lives,who they were dreams ago and the aspirations for things that never were.

Most of all it’s that human touch, interaction, knowing people are people and not machines. Respect that and they gladly go along for the ride and embrace change. It is respect for that element that makes for a good ally to declutter and organize a client home. rare skill set that. Glad I have honed it for thirteen years and not stayed in an office at CBC.