About Stephen 

Those who know Steve have discovered a man of multiple talents, humor, dedication and a ferocious work ethic.

A former corporate Project Manager with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, he escaped to find a unique niche for his varied talents in the wildly diverse field of Professional Home Organizing and a unique way to make a difference in people’s lives, one home at a time, with his company Decluttering.ca.

As a member of POC (Professional Organizers in Canada) he served as Canadian National Director of Membership. He has been recognized for excellence in Professional Organizing in Canada and for business excellence. He’s the author of the book “The Domestic Archaeologist: Confessions of a Professional Home Declutterer,” published by Iguana Books and available on Amazon, Indigo and Barnes and Noble sites.

He uses a combination hard work, psychology, & large dollops of humor to achieve his remarkable results. Now almost twenty years (20) and well over 2,000 homes later he still loves what he does and offering new perspectives on the stuff that owns us and reinventing life. He continues to align himself with stagers, decorators, realtors and other home professionals.

As a key note speaker he has reached thousands of eager attendees at his lectures using his philosophy, humor and personal experiences – many of which are included in his books. He is also writing screen plays for film and television, including a drama-comedy series in the works as well as regular columns for local papers like Metroland Media (CLICK LINK to read more articles.)

He has taught at the University of Toronto, been interviewed on CBC radio, read in articles and seen on Home and Garden Staging DVD’s.

He welcomes comments and learning new ways to help his clients. www.decluttering.ca, info@decluttering.ca, (416) 460-8098