We all know the moment when life loses its luster. We begin a process of yearning for ways to renew our passions for anything and take stock of the past now that we have sufficient past to take stock of. Time is slipping through our ever opening fingers and that leaves us with an evanescent yearning. You are aware that more things are coming to an end than beginning, yet there is still time for renewal and it’s important to get it right. Autumn with its third eye, melancholy perspective, born of time passing, clearly tells you exactly when your biscotti went stale; you don’t want to fight any more and you are poised to commit to change, whatever anyone else thinks. So why not go for it? The time for self-doubt is over; finally stop squandering your energies unwisely, running away from things negative and move towards things positive. To wax even more philosophical – now is the time and you are the place.
However, even though you’ve had enough of something doesn’t mean you have a place to go next or the energy, strategy or internal compass to get you there.
People need guidance. Not everything is innate. Also, we are all so hell bent on searching for meaning and a reconnection to the universe that we reach out to too many false promises. There are umpteen EZ-Magic-Bullet programs out there promising a happy shiny, better life. Usually it involves a 3 Step Program or a 6 Step Program, always a defined number as if life were so simple. We only embrace the EZ numbers for so long before slipping back into old habits. Remember all those external force, 3-Step diet plans and gym club plans we thrust upon ourselves or were thrust upon us? How long before you told them to kiss off, that nobody is going to tell you what to do and you’re going to eat cake and lots of it as a rebel yell. Real, long lasting change doesn’t happen from the outside but from within. The catalyst may come from outside – with knowledge comes power or empowerment but the art of changing minds lies in changing deeply rooted habits, sometimes lifelong habits. It doesn’t matter how good the advice, even mine, if you don’t absorb it, make it your own and tell yourself it is you who is calling the shots it won’t stick. Fortunately for all of us the adage “a leopard can’t change its spots” isn’t true. You can change – even late in life. Take heart and have hope all you reading this.

If spring is the time for renewal, and summer is the time to let fly with your inner crazy, then Autumn is definitely the time to cast off old habits for good if we are to reinvent our lives. Someone said, “Your life is the finest piece of art you’ll ever own. Sculpt it well.”