Services / Rates

“Where to begin” and “is this the worst you’ve seen” are the most common questions. I begin by saying let’s define your rooms, reclaim them, so you can love them again.  After 15 years and 1200 houses there is a definte method to how I get you moving forward out of the clutter that weighs your life down. Let’s make best use of space and offer suggestions and perspectives you may not have considered. And I do the physical work so you don’t have to.

It starts with a plan of action, your needs and expectations. It requires a good look at what serves your life now and what resonates a positive feeling. Let’s remove the negatives and restore your sense of smooth order.

I offer a number of services, honed from many years experience. Are we staging a home for sale? Then we need to reduce, reduce, reduce to maximize veiwing potential for photos, listing and sale. I can do the early stage for you or if you have a stager then I work along side them to hit the pages of lists they leave for me to reduce, pack up, arrange storage, junk pickups, metal pickups, donations, roll up those excess rugs, mount art and mirrors, relocate furniture – whatever it takes. Are we reclaiming your office? Let’s find out what doesn’t belong and where that something should be otherwise. In a panic to packing for an imminent storage move or a main upcoming move? Then I swoop in and use my wide packing skills to get you ready – fast. (I am known for it. Safe, methodical and fast.) Do you need help attacking that basement, crawlspace, garage – to  Organize, Declutter, Sort, Donate, Pack  – yes I bring boxes and bins as needed. I am your ally in getting it all done. Make a list, give me a call and let’s get at it – finally.


Realtor services: Decluttering for sale – including junk removal coordination, donations, packing, staging, organizing as needed. This may mean a few hours or it may require a dumpster and a week of intense tossing, sorting, cleaning and calling in of other services such as wildlife removal, duct cleaning, etc. I can be your one stop project manager. It’s all a question of time and budget.


Home Owner Services: Decluttering and Organizing to reclaim a room, garage, basement or the entire house. We all need another perspective and thoughts and more importantly an ally. I know you are shy about your cluttered abode. I never judge. I am there to help. I do have to bring a team when all it requires is one confidant – me to motivate and get the work done.


Move Relocation Management: Declutter, organize, pack, coordinate move details. Most materials supplied (extra cost) such as boxes, bed bags, picture boxes, TV boxes etc. At other end of your move we can set you up again: unpack (removing materials), sort and organize possessions.


Sales Coordination: Often you just need to get rid of things from small items to large furniture. Let me coordinate that. I have connections to antique buyers, auction houses, furniture buyers and estate sales groups. I coordinate; contact, inquiries and preparation with companies such as MaxSold or I also review, catalog and arrange furniture and decor consignment options. I assist sales of items via eBay or Classified listings such as Kijiji and Craigslist. manages the postings and fielding of all inquiries, upon request, to find the best taker. Can arrange transportation of items to consignment. (Delivery charges apply, depending on scale.).


Estate work: Photograph, catalog for detail reference, pack. Work with Real Estate lawyers (executors), divorce lawyers etc. to clear properties; photograph, catalog and pack up from the viewing spaces to sell the home effectively. Coordinate storage and any needed service


Donating: I either donate myself those things I can fit in my car at end of sessions that day (for free) or help coordinate pick up, removal and donation of items including large furniture, electronics, metal or appliances. I charge for coordination time off site and if required to be on hand to facilitate donation pickups. Note: I do not drive a large truck, nor have a storage facility so will not pickup large amounts or large items for free to donate them. I am aligned with a number of charity services (Halton Police Services, Home Sweet Hope, Act of Kindness Oakville etc.) and can get the word out quickly about items for giveaway. I also have numerous other and ongoing contacts and avenues for donation.


Lectures & Workshops: For your group luncheons and dinners, club meetings or corporate staff wellness day events; motivating, informative and passionate. Subjects range from DIY decluttering to humorous talks on home organization and reinventing one’s life. 


Fees and payments: 

Fee: Applied to on-site time as well as administration time for cataloging, coordination etc.  Hourly rate: $46.00 plus HST. For sessions of 6 hours or more I allow a $45.00 plus HST. Consultation rate: $50.00. Sales rate for items clients asks me to sell: 30% of final price achieved to cover time and costs or straight hourly rate. 

A minimum of three hours per session is requested. For Toronto and distant clients: 4 hours minimum. There will also be a minimum $20.00 additional amount for gas for longer drives out of town, wear and tear on vehicle (Toronto west $10.00). Session lengths are discussed in advance. Payment is required at end of each session, upon receipt of invoice. Payable to “” or “Stephen Ilott” via cheque, cash, Paypal or E-transfers.


Introductory Packages (Materials extra.)


Package #1: 3 hour introductory package, $140.00 plus HST. Get the process started sorting, room redesign and placement, packing, donating, coordination of trash, storage, selling assistance. Local clients only. 

Package #2: Six hour package: $270.00 plus HST. 

Package #3: Eight hour package: $360.00 plus HST. 


Stephen Ilott: Professional Organizer- with Fifteen years’ and 1,200+ homes experience. Author of The Domestic Archaeologist series, speaker, writer, former National Director of Membership POC (Professional Organizers in Canada), Silver Leaf Member.