Now and then I feel like Liam Neeson on the phone with Realtors telling them I have a particular set of skills. These skills acquired over a long period of time make me an ally for Real Estate Agents like them.

They begin with acute listening and communication skills. Listening to client needs hurtles you forward in getting things done. I go on to say, in the least number of words, that I have a certain physicality that many Home Organizers need in the sheer volume of things to get packed up, moved about, pre-staged with or without the Realtor stager and often with the Realtor themselves on site. I bring methodical, roll-up the sleeves, Organizational skills to a home in need of “Listing Prep.” After 14 years and over 800 houses I have been called the Wayne Gretzky of Home Organizers. One realtor called me the “Asset” one sends in to sort out things quick, fast and to a budget. Everyone has a budget. And in a world where overpriced services abound to the grimace of all I come as a breath of fresh air.

I surround myself with other services that are useful to Agents like knowing good metal collectors, cleaners, repair people, painters, floor people, Real Estate Lawyers, storage options, junk options and coordination and of course fantastic stagers who I love to work with. I also have vetted and can bring a team of organizers to set upon big, big jobs as well as relocation services like helping clients and their family sell furniture and possessions.

My company is open to one or two day get ‘er done rushes to multi-week whole home sort outs. Read my articles regularly for more insight into my world and above all call me back. Reach out. It’s what we should do to click things up a notch in getting that listing. People don’t need slick generic sites and ghost written guidance. They want real. People now want real services to make their lives so much better. It’s what I do.

So if you want to work with me, tell me; I will look for you, I will find you, and I will satisfy you.

Stephen Ilott – is a Professional Home Organizer living in Oakville with his fantastic wife. Serving all locations up to an hour’s reach in any direction. 416-460-8098 –