Love it, love it love it. It’s my favorite form of marketing – something I have been honing for over ten years – giving very fun lectures all about Decluttering your life and reinvention and the myriad ways of not being overwhelmed by your stuff.

I just came back from delivering another lecture to a great room filled with ladies. What a receptive and enthusiastic audience. I have to say the ladies are the best. Sorry guys: you’re fun but for knowing nods and laughs the ladies have you topped.

They are one of many I have had the pleasure of giving my brand of performance lecture to. I love adding stories and voices and making it a very interactive and physical presentation. And I’ve lost count how many I have done now; I’ve spoken to umpteen branches of The Toronto Public Library who always fill rooms when folks hear a ‘Professional Declutterer’ is coming to speak. What a common problem! I’ve presented to: Rooms full at Mississauga Public Library and Sheridan College, done Rotary Clubs, raised money by giving workshops for United Way – Big Brothers, Big Sisters, lectured for The Council of Jewish Women in Toronto and Thornhill, Retired Armed Forces and RCMP, The Young Achiever’s of Halton, The Mcmaster School of Nursing, Speaker’s conferences, Toastmasters (I used to love winning the Tall Tales Competitions),The American Women’s Clubs in Thornhill and Oakville, The Oakville Milton Realty Board, also speaking as part of Realtor panels and presentations, Metro Toronto Convention Centre Wellness days, various corporate wellness days, Comedy Club impromptu speaking nights, Senior Living Centers, Professional Organizers in Canada conventions and meetings, Time Out for Moms groups, Halton Parent Child centers,several branches of The Retired Teachers of Ontario, The Newcomers Clubs, lots of Probus clubs, ADD/ADHD support groups as well as the CADDAC annual convention for people with ADD, Home and Garden Shows, Zonta (MC’ing two of their gala events to raise funds for abused women and cancer hospices) – even MC’d the Presidents Dinner for the American Ambassador to Canada for the Oakville Chamber of Commerce. I’ve spoken on CBC Metro Morning, Fresh Air and Cross Country Check-up, CHCH Morning Live, CHML Radio 900 (for over an hour) done Webinars on Liquid Lunch and Rick Green’s Totally ADD. I plan on writing books and columns in magazines and local papers on a regular basis so stay tuned and read on.

And ya know what? I can’t wait to do another one and another. It gets in your blood this jumping up in front of crowds for an hour or two to interact and have a little fun. I just gotta post some of these I have managed to tape on my web site. I only have smatterings on YouTube. That’s gonna change soon. If you know of a group who’d love to have me – I’d love to have them. And be part of realtor panels and help promote what we do in our business and along the way change a few lives for the better.

Stephen Ilott is a Professional Home Organizer/Declutterer/Author and Speaker heading the company in Oakville, Ontario. He rescues realtors in need of a clean slate and home owners reclaiming their lives from clutter throughout the GTA – going into his 16th year and over 1300 houses and umpteenth lecture. Reach him at 416-460-8098 to book him.