Downsizing books, books, books…
How to find good homes for all those pre-loved books you no longer have shelves for, writes Ilott
by Stephen Ilott

Most of my work, as a home declutterer, seems to be sorting out people’s basements. It’s the biggest room of shame there is, and one that fatigues people to tears by just stepping down there. The most vexing question, aside from where do I start, is, “What do I do with all these books?”
It does seem that fewer people are reading books these days and selling them has become problematic.
Fear not, there are avenues you can tickle to find those lonesome tomes a good home where preloved can become loved again and not regrettably tossed into recycling bins. I know a wonderful gent who happily fills his car trunk to bursting with arm loads of my decluttered books for redistribution to seniors. I know groups like Second Life Books ( who will pick up books and give them good homes to improve literacy. Now and then libraries collect for fund raising. I post free books on Kijiji to find an appreciative taker. Most books stores will offer credit for ones they can resell. There are all year round drop off spots like at the Oakville Salvation Army depot open 24/7 at: 2360 South Service Road West.
And my favorite, when Oakville has a festival and crowds of people roam the streets, I gather up a big arm full of really wonderful books and secretly plunk one on a park bench, another under the town square clock, or on a cafe table with a little piece of paper sticking up that says, “THIS IS A FREE BOOK. ENJOY IT.” My fellow Oakvillians have found dozens of them now all over the place. That was me. You’re welcome. I rarely see when the books are picked up. Somehow I feel that would be intruding. But later on when I see the vacant spot where a nice book was placed I allow myself a smile. So keep your eyes open. You may just become part of the fun. And do buy new books. Support your local book stores.
It’ll bring a little therapy to your home.